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Editorial Note - Allwin Jesudasan

Fading trail of Athri Maharishi - M Soubadra Devy

Geography and myth on Agasthyamalai-  Ian Lockwood

The journey of a forest deity - Saravanan A and M Mathivanan

Whisperings of Amma from the 'grey jungles'of Agasthyamalai -  M Soubadra Devy 

Sorimuthian Kovil - past romance and present challenges- Rajkamal Goswami

Changing identities - Allwin Jesudasan

Forest or temple on the edge? - T Ganesh

Trails from the plains -  Chetana H C

Malaimel Nambi Kovil an insignia of culture and biodiversity -  R Ganesan

Tales from wilderness: 1 Mystery of the disappearing spiders -  Allwin Jesudasan

Tales from wilderness: 2 Common palm civet and an uncommon sight -  Seshadri K S

Research Highlights: Small mammals of the rainforest -  Vivek Ramachandran

Event Report: 1 Vaagaikulam - tragedy averted -  T Ganesh

Event Report: 2 SMK 2011 - fostering local conservation leadership in the landscape -  Rajkamal Goswami

Event Report: 3 Birdwatching workshop -  M Soubadra Devy

Snippets from field

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Volume 5,  Issue 3
      November 2011

Editorial Team
Editor: Allwin Jesudasan
Associate editor: Rajkamal Goswami
Editorial Review: R. Ganesan, M. Soubadra Devy, T. Ganesh
Design and presentation: Kiran Salegame

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