Abi Tamim Vanak
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Fellow, National Environment Sciences Program, MoEF, GoI

Ankila Hiremath, New Delhi
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE,
Programme leader - Ecosystems and Global Change
Research interest: Forest ecology and its application to human land use systems (e.g., forest management, agroforestry, and restoration).

Aravind N.A.
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Disturbance ecology and community ecology of birds, butterflies, amphibians and Non-marine Molluscs of Western Ghats.

Bejoy K. Thomas
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Co-convenor - Centre for Environment and Development
Research interest: Broadly in the areas of development studies & political economy with specific interests in water resources and agrarian livelihoods, vulnerability and poverty analysis & coping and adaptation strategies.

Durba Biswas
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Research interests: Economics of water resources; exploring the gender-water linkages in an interdisciplinary manner - specifically to understand the construction of gender in economics in relation to the use of natural resources.

R. Ganesan
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Plant taxonomy, vegetation dynamics in natural and disturbed forests, population dynamics of endemic plants, involving local people in biodiversity conservation.

T. Ganesh
Senior Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Plant-animal interactions, tropical seed dispersal/seed predation systems, long term monitoring of phenology and vegetation dynamics.

Jagdish Krishnaswamy
Senior Fellow,
Convenor,Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation and Programme Leader - Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing
Research interest: Watershed hydrology and landscape ecology.

Nirmalya Chatterjee
Fellow, ATREE Eastern Himalayas - North East India Regional Office
soil remediation, climate change effects on soil carbon and pollutant dynamics, soil GHG emissions, soil nutrient availability, soil erosion, carbon sequestration
vadose zone hydrology, contaminant hydrology, storm-water run-off, soil/water biogeochemistry
vegetating of marginal soils, native plant afforestation

Nitin Rai
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Convenor, Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies
Research interest: Political Ecology and Neoliberal Conservation; Research incorporates situated knowledge and ecological science to understand the implications of conservation and development for people and landscapes.

Priyadarsanan Dharma Rajan
Senior Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE,
Programme Leader - Ecosystems and Global Change
Research interest: Insect taxonomy and conservation. Ecoinformatics, agro-forestry and traditional knowledge.

Priyanka Jamwal
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Research interest: Management of point and non-point source pollution, fate and transport of pollutants in groundwater, bacteriological contamination of water distribution network (modeling), climate change impact on water quality.

Ravikanth G
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Conservation and population genetics, plant systematics, evolution, and biogeography, DNA bar-coding, origin, diversity; and conservation of plants, species recovery. Chemical ecology and bioprospecting.

Sharachchandra Lele
Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Policy & Governance
Research interest: Conceptual issues in sustainable development and sustainability; analyses of institutional, economic, ecological, and technological issues in forest, energy, and water resource management; methodology of interdisciplinary research.

Shoibal Chakravarty
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development - Climate Change Mitigation and Development
Programme Leader - Climate Change Mitigation and Development
Research interest: Energy and climate policy, energy-economics modelling and the study of equity in the context of energy and climate change.

Shrinivas Badiger
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Research interest: Hydro-socio-economic approaches to understanding the context of water scarcity, resource depletion and degradation within a larger framework of sustainable environment and livelihoods.

Siddappa Setty
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Programme Leader - Forest and Governance
Coordinator: Community Conservation Centers (BRHills and MMHills)
Research interest: Sustainable use of forest resources with special reference to Non-timber forest products. Working on ecological, social and economic aspects and generating rigorous interdisciplinary knowledge on Non-timber forest products that helps sustainable use and engage local community, forest managers, local institutions and policy makers in conservation.

Siddhartha Krishnan
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Environmental sociology, environmental history, historical sociology, field and archival research.

M. Soubadra Devy
Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research interest: Plant-animal interactions; and developing a canopy programme for India through protected areas network and extending the biodiversity frontier to production landscape, through participatory approach involving community. Putting together various ecological aspects that were carried out over the last several years in Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Develop rigorous field courses, which cater to various target audiences.

Veena Srinivasan
Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development, ATREE
Co-convenor - Centre for Environment and Development
Programme Leader - Water, Land and Society
Research interest: Inter-sectoral water allocation, threats to freshwater from local to regional to global scales, impacts of multiple stressors including demographics, climate change and urbanization on water resources, sustainable water management policy and practice, bi- co-evolutionary trajectories and comparative study of socio-hydrologic systems.

Adjunct Senior Fellows

Dr. Gladwin Joseph
Research interest: Integrated natural resource management, agroforestry, sustainable agriculture, nursery technology, forest regeneration, applied ecophysiology, adaptive research approaches.
Azim Premji University, Bengaluru

Dr. R. Prabhakar
Director, Software Technology Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
Research interest: Ecoinformatics, geographical information systems for conservation, spatial technology and human interactions with ecosystems. Working on a project to provide a framework and a platform for creating social-ecological maps of urban areas. Decentralization and cost-effective conservation.

Adjunct Fellows

Dr. Asavari Devadiga
Asavari Devadiga's expertise resides in environmental planning and infrastructure service and its delivery. Her research interests and experience span integrated water management, sustainability planning, resilience in institutions, international policy and infrastructure management.

Asavari has a strong interdisciplinary background ranging from the technical sciences, applied and social sciences, to urban planning and policy. Asavari has a wide ranging 16-year professional history of working in public, private, and nongovernment sectors. Her experience spans leading and managing teams and projects and conducting technical analyses for a wide variety of projects including urban and infrastructure development, environmental restoration, watershed management, water supply diversification, and land use master plans. Asavari's more recent work includes collaborative research and planning for regional water resilience in California at the Association of Bay Area Government and on affordable housing at the City of Berkeley. As Adjunct Fellow at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) in Bangalore, Asavari's work spans water and wastewater management and environmental governance. Currently, Asavari is a Lecturer at University of California Berkeley.

Education and Bio:
Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, University of California Berkeley
MS, Environmental Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston
Post Graduate Diploma, Environmental Science, University of Bombay
BS, Microbiology, University of Bombay

Dr. Asmita Sengupta
DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow
Adjunct Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, ATREE
Research Interests: Human-primate interactions, plant-animal interactions, primate ecology
Email: asmita.sengupta@atree.org; asmita.sengupta@gmail.com

Dr. Deepak Malghan, IIMB
Research Interests: Ecological Economics (analytical theory of scale, ecological distribution), Historical Political Economy.
At ATREE, I am collaborating with the water group led by Drs. Lele, Srinivasan, and Thomas.

Dr. Megha Shenoy
Independent Industrial Ecologist,
Research interests: industrial ecology - specifically industrial symbiosis and urban metabolism - to measure stocks and flows of resources for sustainable consumption and production.

Dr. Narasimha D Rao
Project Leader - Decent Living Energy (DLE) Project,
Research interests: Relationship between energy systems, human development and climate change. His research interests also include investigating income inequality, infrastructure, and climate policy.

Dr. Robert John Chandran
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata
Email: robert.john@iiserkol.ac.in

Dr. T. O. Sasidharan
Ex Senior Scientific Officer, Central Silk Board, Bangalore, India
Research interest: Eco-friendly technologies for insect pest management, while preserving the environment. Investigations on native isolates of the entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhizium sp. for control of certain potentially dangerous insect pests of forest plantations and nurseries. The possibility of using Microsporidia for insect pest control is being investigated.

Amrik S. Gill
Director, Procurement Operations Asia, M/s KIIT US-Eugene, Oregon, USA; Ex Vice-President, Marketing and Exports, BBTC.

Dr. Romulus Earl Whitaker
Honorary Member, Steering Committee, IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group; Managing Trustee, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Team Leader, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Agumbe, Karnataka.

Dr. K.R. Shivanna
INSA Senior Scientist, ATREE, Bangalore.
Research interest: Identifying domestication syndromes in cardamom.

Dr. K. D. Singh
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA .
Research interest: Establish a scientific basis for non-timber forest product (NTFP) production and consumption, in order to make forest planning holistic and sound. The present research will include policy, legal and institutional issues essential for ensuring sustainable management of NTFP. Conducting a study in the Kolasib District of Mizoram, to explore people participation in forest management planning and creating alternatives to slash and burn practices (shifting agriculture).

Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan
Researcher, author and historian with a special interest in environmental history and colonial history of British India. He appears frequently on Indian television as a political analyst. He is also a columnist in the print media writing on wildlife conservation, political and environmental issues.