“On 2 October 2012, birthday of the Mahatma (Gandhi),Sargun Masomait, a 35-year-old tribal woman . . . beganmarching toward New Delhi from Gwalior. She was partof a group of 40,000 people – tribals, Dalits, nomads,nowhere people with no land of their own, the wretchedof the Indian earth, out to claim their dignity; or to reclaimit” (Pandey 2012). The March of the Landless led to thesigning of the Agra declaration between the marchersand the central government which included the demandfor the “effective implementation of the Forest Rights Act(FRA)” (Jansatyagraha 2012). We recount this event fromamong many recent ones to emphasize the political anddemocratic support for rights-based legislation such asthe FRA.