Urbashi Pradhan

I come from Darjeeling, a part of the greater Eastern Himalayan region. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in conservation biology from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), one of the very few institutes in India that allows interdisciplinary studies. My PhD work looks at the role of forest fragments in provisioning ecosystem services to the local people outside the protected area network in the Himalayan state of Sikkim. My current study allows me to look at a problem holistically instead of focusing on one single aspect of it. In addition, it also enables me to deal with myriad issues, which would not have been possible to be covered by a single discipline study.

Courses Workshops and Trainings: imparted and attended

Urbashi Pradhan. Organized one day workshop for the Department of Horticulture staffs, Government of Sikkim to provide a training regarding the significance of pollination service and the role of pollinators, May 2011.

Urbashi Pradhan: Attended and completed Advanced Field course in Ecology and Conservation (AFEC-X 2012) organized by Program Field Studies (PFS) at XTBG, China, Oct-Dec., 2012.

Urbashi Pradhan. Resource person on VIth Vocation Training Program on BioResources, sponsored by Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India. Gave a talk on "Pollination service and pollinators" to 25 school students, April- May, 2013.

Urbashi Pradhan. Resource person. “On Top Of The Earth: Exploring the forest canopy with ecologists, naturalists and adventurists.” 20-21 May 2014.

Urbashi Pradhan. Resource person. “Festival on Darjeeling mandarin oranges and large cardamom cum farmer's training.” 27 Nov- 1st Oct 2014. Organised by Krishak Kalyan Sangathan. Kalimpong. Darjeeling.

Urbashi Pradhan. Attended course on “Taxonomy of Bees and other insect Pollinators”. 29th Dec 2014 -3rd Jan 2015. Department of Entomology. University of Agricultural Sciences,GKVK
campus, Bangalore. India.

Talks and posters:

Pradhan, U. and Soubadra Devy M. Presented poster at Biodiversity Asia 2012: Science, Policy, and Governance, Society for Conservation Biology - Asia section on "Fragmented forest patches and pollination service" in IISc, Bangalore, India.

Pradhan, U. and Soubadra Devy M. presented a talk on “Pollination service from fragmented forest at different elevation gradient : A case study of Sikkim mandarin orange”. ATREE Annual Work Seminar(AWS). 5th - 8th August 2013 at ATREE, Bangalore. India.

Pradhan, U. and Soubadra Devy M. Presented poster on “Value of pollination service to mandarin orange in the Eastern Himalayas”. 27 Nov- 1st Oct 2014. Organised by Krishak Kalyan Sangathan. Kalimpong. Darjeeling.


Pradhan, U. “The old man and the bee”. Eastern Himalayan Newsletter, ATREE. Vol 1 Issue 3. 2013.

Pradhan, U. “Seraph of the mountains: In praise of the fragmented home of the red pandas of Sikkim.” Sanctuary Asia, February 2014.

Pradhan, U. “Sikkim’s ecological fragments.” Himal SouthAsia Magazine. December 2014.

Pradhan,U. “Dance of Diversity.” Discover India Magazine, December 2014


Awarded Edda Suri Sehgal Student travel grant from ATREE to attend Program Field Studies (PFS) at XTBG, China, Oct-Dec., 2012.

CEPF Small Grant Eastern Himalayas to carry out research on “Fragmented landscape, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: A study of pollinators outside Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve in Sikkim”. 1st Dec 2009 to 31st Dec 2010