Dr. Balachander as one of the 8 Consortium Directors of the CGIAR

February 2010

Dr. Ganesan Balachander, Executive Board member of ATREE, has been appointed as one of the 8 Consortium Directors of the CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research). The CGIAR provides leadership for the work of 17 international agricultural research centers in different parts of the world.

The CGIAR has recently adopted a new model, ‘to fight poverty and hunger while conserving the environment.’ According to the announcement made by CGIAR, ‘The core of the new model is a partnership between a Consortium that unites CGIAR research Centers and a new Fund, built on a common vision of mobilizing agricultural research to reduce poverty and hunger, improve human health and nutrition, and enhance sustainable management of natural resources in the developing world. Implementation of the new model will take place throughout 2010 under the leadership of the Consortium Board and Fund Council.’