The contribution of natural biological resources to rural livelihoods and poverty prevention in southern Africa

ATREE invites you to a talk by Prof. Charlie Shackleton, Rhodes University, South Africa, on "The contribution of natural biological resources (non-timber forest products) to rural livelihoods and poverty prevention in southern Africa".

On March 26, 2010 at 4.00 pm at the ATREE auditorium, Bangalore.

The use and value of non-timber forest products - NTFPs in rural peoples’ livelihoods is increasingly documented and communicated by researchers the world over. However, understandings of how these resources contribute to poverty prevention or alleviation is less clear and hotly debated. The debate is dominated by studies from the humid tropics. This talk will present findings and insights from a number of studies in southern Africa, which is characterized by semi-arid savannas. It will examine the consumptive, trade and safety-net of NTFPs to rural livelihoods, and in doing so discuss their potential in poverty prevention and alleviation.

Brief profile of the speaker
Prof. Charlie Shackleton is in ATREE as senior visiting faculty from January to July 2010. He is collaborating with Dr. Uma Shaanker and will participate in ATREE’s ongoing research activities in MM hills and other sites.

Prof. Charlie works in the Department of Environmental Science, at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. He has more than two decades of field experience in the areas of natural resource use and sustainability, particularly with respect to non-timber forest products; supply and demand models for natural resources, including fuelwood, carving timber, edible plants; rural livelihoods and rural development, especially in communal areas; vegetation ecology; and productivity and management of savannas and grasslands.

He can be contacted at