Khoshoo Memorial Lecture by 2009 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, Dr Elinor Ostrom

This year’s Khoshoo Memorial Lecture will be delivered by 2009 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, Dr Elinor Ostrom. Dr Ostrom’s research, on what works over and above economic self interest in shared utilization of common resources, is of significance at a time when we are exploring community-managed models for governance of resources like forests, fisheries, grazing lands, water etc. According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Dr Ostrom’s work ‘teaches us novel lessons about the deep mechanisms that sustain cooperation in human societies’. In our work, where different (and different kinds of) institutions need to come together to achieve bottom- up mechanisms that work towards the goals of wise use of resources, conservation and development, this lecture is seen to be highly relevant. The 2011 Khoshoo Memorial Award and Lecture will be held on 3 February 2012 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru.

There are two recipients of the 2011 Khoshoo Memorial Awards, from the diverse interfaces of art and environment; and administration and environmental sustainability. The recipients are Hemalata Pradhan and Sandeep Tambe.

We will also be announcing the TN Khoshoo-earthian Trophy—our partnership with the Wipro earthian awards—a sustainability programme for schools and colleges across India, at the event. Our first batch of school-age practitioners and thinkers, recognized by the TN Khoshoo Ecology and Environment Award for Schools 2010, will attend the Khoshoo Memorial Award and Lecture for the first time.