Ranjeet Kumar Sahani

Ph.D Scholar, ATREE
Email: ranjeet.ks@atree.org
Ph.D research topic: Floods and Environmental Justice in North Bihar: Contextual
Vulnerabilities of Historically Marginalised Communities in
the Kosi Sub-basin

Research interest: Born and brought up in the floodplains of North Bihar in the District of Darbhanga Bihar and being a child from fishermen community I spent most of my time in the close proximity of rivers and wetlands of North Bihar. Fishing and swimming were my primary hobbies before I was initiated into school at the age of eight and half years. I spent almost 14 years of my life in Assam doing my schooling, college and finally obtained a Masters degree from Assam University Silchar. Although, I lived away from home. But floodplains and community life always inspired me. I am interested in Understanding the floods and community life.

Guide: Dr. Siddhartha Krishnan
Co-Guide: Dr. Shrinivas Badiger

M.Sc. Ecology & Environmental Science, Assam University Silchar.
B.Sc. Botany ( Biochemistry), Guwahati University,Gauhati.