ATREE Library

The library at ATREE is a unique repository for over 5300 books devoted to environment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. It houses books under a range of categories such as philosophy, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, law, science, mathematics, earth sciences and geology, plants, animals, landscaping and area planning, social problems and social services and others. The collection includes journals, an ePrints of articles, publications and audio-visual materials and maps of geographical indicators on India’s environment. The library also provides access to JSTOR resources and to the University of Massachusetts online library.

Access to outsiders

ATREE allows its library to be used as a reference library. Non-ATREE scientists, practioners and students with valid identity card can visit the library and browse books and journals, but they cannot borrow the books. They can also access online resources through ePrints and order for a PDF copy (conditions apply according to the article copyrights).

The library and ATREE offers an attractive study environment supported with well equipped electronic resources. It holds 1500 bound volumes, 350 thesis and reports, 1200 maps/topo sheets, 350 audio/visual materials, and access to over 200 electronic and print journals.


ePrints@ATREE is a centralised system that archives all internal publications and research articles. The ATREE ePrints is indexed by Google Scholar, Scirus the science search engine and also registered in the (ROAR) Registry of Open Access Repository, University of Southampton, UK.

This centralised system is user friendly and acts as a one stop repository for all ATREE’s research papers. Creation of user accounts on ePrints@ATREE repository is restricted to the ATREE faculty, staff, and students only. Outsiders can view the collection, and request for a PDF copy of the article through ePrints. Reprint requests should be made for educational and research purposes only.