Water and soil lab

The Water and Soil Lab provides facilities to carry out research on water quality issues. The laboratory is well equipped to measure and quantify various physical, chemical and biological pollutants in water and soil. The lab consists of a Wet chemistry section, where physical and chemical contaminants present in water are measured and a Microbiology section where the level of bacteriological contamination in water can be quantified. This lab had helped in the successful execution of three major projects, and currently, two projects are being executed, which involve analysis of water and wastewater quality.

Parameters analyzed and instruments used in the Wet Chemistry Lab

Physical parameters
Color Colorimetric method with color card
Turbidity Digital Nepelo-Tubidity meter
Oxygen reduction potential, pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature WTW multiparameter 340i
Total Suspended Solids Gravimetry and Membrane Filtration
Chemical parameters
Nitrates WTW pH/Ion 340i, Spectrophotometer
Phosphorus Spectrophotometer
Heavy metals Atomic absorption spectrometer (PinAAcle 900H)
Alkalinity Titrimetric method
Hardness Titrimetric method
Biochemical Oxygen Demand Winkler’s method, BOD Incubator
Chemical Oxygen Demand COD Digestor, Titrimetric method
Nitrate-Nitrogen HACH portable test kit
Total and Free Chlorine PICCO Chlorine portable test kit
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Ammonia distillation unit

Parameters analyzed and instruments used in the Microbiology Lab

Biological parameters
Chlorophyll 'a' Spectrophotometer
Fecal coliforms, Fecal Streptococci Vertical Laminar Airflow Hood, Bacteriological incubator, Autoclave, Water Bath
Ground Water Monitoring
  • Water Level Meter
Surface water flow monitoring:
  • HACH velocity meter & Odyssey water level logger-Flow Monitoring