Rumia Basu

Rumia holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Miranda House, University of Delhi and a Masters degree in Geoinformatics from Teri University, New Delhi.Her masters disseratation looked at land use land cover changes for the city of Delhi, focussing on urban sprawl, identifying the causes of sprawl and predicting future trends for the same. Post her Masters, she worked as a pre-doctoral fellow at International Water Management Institute(IWMI). At IWMI, she studied agricultural droughts in Gujarat using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. Prior to joining ATREE, she was a researcher at University of Bremen,Germany, where she studied trace gases in the atmosphere using FTIR spectrometry. Rumia received the INSPIRE fellowship from Department of Science & Technology Govt. Of India for being the topper of her University in the masters programme.

Presently her research interests include studying agricultural droughts,including both climatic and sociological components.