Dr. Shoibal Chakravarty

Fellow, Climate Change Mitigation and Development

I am a Fellow in the Climate Change Mitigation and Development Programme in the Centre for Environment and Development at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Bangalore.

My research interests are in energy and climate policy, energy-economics modelling and the study of equity in the context of energy and climate change. My long-term research goal is to analyse energy, environment and climate change impacts on India’s economic growth in an integrated framework. The most important requirement of these analyses is that they should be envisioned at the necessary level of detail and disaggregation in order to capture the
spatio-temporal diversity of the physical systems like land-use, renewable energy, energy demand and environmental impacts. An equally important focus would be to understand the socioeconomic diversity of people and how it evolves and interacts with economic growth, environmental impacts and climate change.

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