ATREE Small Grants Programme

NOTE: ATREE is not accepting small grant applications till further notice

Grant details
ATREE’s small Grants Programme recognizes that there is a wealth of information and expertise at small scales that can be drawn upon for more effective conservation. The small grant supports 7 – 8 proposals in each of the two areas of focus. The topics under each focal area are an indicative list.

    Biodiversity and conservation
  • Endangered and threatened species and their habitat
  • Gaps in taxonomic work and monographs
  • Studies on lesser known or lesser studied species of wildlife
  • Critical areas of biodiversity conservation
  • Climate change and conservation
  • Innovative approaches and tools for conservation education
    Environment and development
  • Enabling communities and other stakeholders to address local environmental concerns
  • Analysis and monitoring of policies and institutions for their socio-economic and environmental impact
  • Payments for eco-system services and poverty reduction
  • Incentives for agro-forestry systems and sustainable farming practices
  • Gender perspectives in conservation/ natural resource management
  • Environmental degradation and impact on women

Each research grant of up to Rs 1 lakh, is available for duration of 1 year. Grants can be used for fieldwork, research writing, or internships with ATREE faculty. The selected applicant will be assigned an advisor for the research activity at ATREE, and can pursue independent research as per the proposal submitted to the committee.

Expected outputs

  • progress report at the end of first six months
  • complete written report in a given format towards the end of the year (for ATREE website)
  • notable research or popular article based on the report

Individuals not affiliated with any institution are eligible to use up to 20% of the grant as honorarium and may request use of ATREE facilities at one of its locations, if needed.

Click here for list of grantees during 2009 and 2010